We want to do our part to love our neighbors, honor the government authorities, and slow the spread of coronavirus to the most vulnerable. Because of that we will be not be gathering in person until further notice. We will have video content and other ways to connect online.


We exist to delight in God through Jesus Christ,
spreading his joy through the gospel to all people.

Online Sunday Service

MARCH 29, 2020
This Sunday we kick off our new series in the book of Philippians: Gospel Joy in Troubled Times. We're in a moment when many of us feel anxiety and uncertainty about the future. There is a sadness to being separated from loved ones and from the church. And we're concerned for our own health and the health of others. It was out of similar circumstances that Paul wrote to the church in Philippi. Though not in the midst of a global pandemic, Paul was in prison and unable to be physically with the church he loved. As he looked ahead at an uncertain future, Paul encouraged the church to remember that God is in the hardest things, all the way to the bottom, working for his glory and his people's joy.
A brief note: We recognize that for families with younger children, gathering around a video screen for Sunday service together provides an incredible opportunity for spiritual formation in our kids lives, and also brings with it unique challenges. With families in mind, you'll notice that we have cut back the length of our sermons and the overall length of the Sunday service. Parents - we'd encourage you to think of ways you can intentionally lead your children beyond the video service, reading together, praying together, and talking about the content of the message. Check out our latest blog post for more ideas.

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Though we're apart physically, we haven't stopped being the church together. Get updated on what is happening in the life of our body, and how you can stay connected.

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Online Sunday Service - March 29, 2020
Philippians 1:1-11
Ryan Beardsley


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