We exist to know and make known the real Jesus 
in our church, our city, and around the world.

We do that by making disciples and multiplying churches.

We believe the earth-shattering good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection has the power to transform individual lives and entire communities. Wherever the gospel goes, it multiplies. The story of the New Testament is how God’s mission is carried forward not only through individuals sharing their faith, but through communities of believers planting themselves in new places, witnessing to the real Jesus through their life together. Multiplication then, is the natural extension of who we are at Summit. The welcome we have received through the gospel, is the welcome we extend outward to those in our city (Rom. 15:7).
As we pursue making the real Jesus known in our city, we're taking intentional, faith-filled steps toward mission and multiplication. We believe God has opened a door for us to gather every Sunday at our local middle school. 

On January 28th we'll begin gathering Sundays at 10:00am
at Ford Middle School. 

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Partner With Us

As 2024 kicks off, we're looking ahead with faith to our transition on January 28, 2024, to Ford Middle School! Change is never easy, but we're excited about this move! We see it as a natural extension of the mission Summit has to make the real Jesus known in our city.

To make the move as pain-free and successful as possible, we've partnered with a company called Portable Church to design a long-lasting, easy-to-setup equipment system. This system is an investment in Summit's vision beyond Ford, as it will be usable for a future church plant.

The total cost for the trailer, road cases, audio and video equipment, and everything else we need week-to-week is $105,000. By God's grace and through your generosity this past year, we could cover those costs entirely. However, we want to give you the opportunity to partner specifically with this project. This will help us not overextend our savings and be in a good financial position stepping into this next season.

Over the next few months, we're trusting God for $30,000 to help fund this project.

What are we asking of you?
We're inviting you to prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to a financial gift above and beyond your regular giving. If God is prompting you to give, you can do so online or in the app by giving to the account called “Move To Ford.” Or, if you would like to give in person, please mark on the memo line of your check “Move To Ford Fund” so we know how to allocate those funds.


This is exciting! How can I play a part?
There are several ways you can play a part in this move in the coming months.
1) Pray. We’ll be organizing some formal times of corporate prayer over the next few months, but we’re asking you to begin praying now. Pray for Ford and the Midland neighborhood. Pray also for Summit, that God would grant us his gifts of unity and faith as we step toward his mission.
2) Serve. Consider how God might call you to serve through setting up, tearing down, kids ministry, or in another area of need. If you are already serving - thank you! If you’re not serving currently, this is a great time to jump in.
3) Give. There will be some financial needs as we step forward (see below). Prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to give sacrificially.

What are we going to do with our building?
We are blessed to own our building outright. We plan to keep using our building for all the things we normally do outside of our Sunday gathering. Youth group, men’s breakfasts, women’s Bible studies, and our office space will all not change with this move. We are considering the possibility of renting our building to another church Sunday mornings, and are praying for a like-minded body of believers that we can bless and partner with.  

Why are we doing this now?
For several years Summit has had a huge heart to see new churches planted in our region. In fact, at the beginning of 2020, we were preparing to plant a new church in downtown Puyallup in the Reality Sports facility. In God’s kindness, a handful of things kept that from happening. We’re grateful, considering the challenges of 2020 and 2021 for so many churches. Over the past few years, God has made us incredibly healthy as a body. We have a church that cares deeply about the gospel, loves one another well, and desires that others would know the real Jesus. God’s also gifted us with growing leaders who are shaped by his Word. The steps we’ve taken toward Ford, and toward church planting in the future, reflect the life and vibrancy God has brought to Summit as a church. We’re praying that life overflows beyond our church, to our city, and around the world.