An Election Prayer

This prayer is from our November 1st Sunday gathering and reflects our heart for God to strengthen us and cause us to shine brightly in the midst of a polarized and charged election week.

Father in heaven, we come to you this morning in anticipation of a week ahead of us that looms large in the hearts and minds of your people.

We come before you, knowing you hear our voice and our pleas for grace and mercy. You are a gracious and righteous God. Nothing can sway your good and mighty hand. Great is your steadfast love towards us… Your faithfulness endures forever.

Lord, you are sovereign, nothing comes to us that has not passed through your loving, merciful hand. You are our strength and our song. You are in the heavens and do all that pleases you. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your character.

As we praise you and reflect on your character and nature, we are drawn to see the sinfulness in our own hearts and the hearts of our nation. We repent of our tendency to put our hope in political systems. We confess that we have given undue trust in human authority to provide freedoms and safeguards that come from you alone.

We confess that we have believed the lie that the church, your bride needs the protection of human governments to flourish. Forgive us for thinking that you would allow anyone or anything to come between you and your bride.

We confess that as a nation have not sought to protect the sanctity of human life…life created in your image… from the womb to the tomb. Forgive us for not protecting the lives of defenseless babies. Forgive us for not supporting single moms. Forgive us for not adopting more children. Forgive us for not welcoming the immigrant and foreigner.

As we confess the sins of our nation, as your people, we recognize there is a mixture of that same sin in our own heart, but we trust that you are faithful and just and will forgive us of our sin, by the blood of Jesus, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

We thank you God that we live in a free democratic nation where we go out Tuesday with a voice, electing the leaders of this nation. We thank you for the human authority structures you have given us as citizens of this country, and we are grateful for the safety and freedom that brings.
Jesus, we thank you that you promised that you are building your church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We thank you that you are the Lord of lords and the King over all kings. No matter what happens Tuesday, no matter who sits in the white house, they sit under the heavenly authority of the risen, ruling, reigning King Jesus!

We thank you Lord, that no matter what happens Tuesday, we can be confident that you are working it together for the good of those called according to your purposes.

Father, we come to you, asking for you to be with us this week. May the bride of your Son shine like a diamond in the darkness of a polarized, contentious culture. May the words of our mouths be tender and life-giving, may our acts of service reach beyond partisan lines, may we be quick to hear, slow to speak, and abounding in grace for one another.  We ask that we would be so marked with love that a watching world would see that we are Jesus’ disciples.

We ask that the results of Tuesday’s election be quick and decisive, and that peace would rule the land. We pray against any violence, we pray against any riots, and we ask that you protect your people. We ask that you help us commit to pray for and support whoever wins the presidential election Tuesday. Help us recognize that whoever is in the oval office is placed by you and therefore worthy of our respect and submission.

Lord, we need your help. None of these things can be accomplished on our own, yet what is impossible for man is possible for you. Send your Holy Spirit and empower us to honor you in all we do. Be glorified as we seek to live peaceable among all people and use us to accomplish your will on the earth.

We love you and praise you O God, it’s in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ that we pray, Amen.