A Statement on Racism and the Gospel

Shared Sunday morning, June 7, 2020

These have been extremely trying times. The last week and a half have been some of the hardest days our generation has seen. Like so many of you, we have walked through the hours and days of the last week with great tears and broken hearts.

Things are not how they ought to be. We grieve not only what we see happening throughout our country right now, but we grieve the numerous ways that the evangelical church has not stepped in and stepped up to champion the love and protection of all our brothers and sisters.

Therefore, on behalf of all your pastors, I want our African-American brothers and sisters to know that we see you, we stand with you, and we so value every one of you. That goes for every single person of color that has had to endure prejudice, racism, or bigotry. We see you, we stand with you, and we value you.

Genesis 1:27 says:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them…And he blessed them.

That means that every single human being carries with them the image and likeness, they reflect the character and nature, they carry the blessing of God on them, because they are human. Every. Single. Person. No matter what color their skin is. No matter how old they are. No matter their net worth. No matter their ability to contribute to society. Every single human being has innate value, worth, and dignity, and as God’s people, we will fight for, and stand up against anyone, or anything that tries to say otherwise. This is what we mean by the sanctity of all human life.

Racism and systemic injustice are antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We long for the day when the throne of God will be populated with those from every nation, every tribe, and every tongue, worshipping the risen, ruling, and reigning King Jesus. But until that day, we will speak against racism, we will fight for justice, and we will doggedly pursue peace.