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Habits of Grace -- Week 4 Study Questions

Habits of Grace -- Week 4 Study Questions


Chapter 7

1. Refer to the section "A Conversation We Didn't Start."

a.) What is prayer? How is prayer like having a conversation between two friends? How is prayer unlike having a conversation betwee two friends?

b.) What does it mean that "prayer is a conversation we didn't start"? What are some things you learned from this section about the nature of prayer?

c.) What is the relationship between hearing God's voice and having his ear?

2. In the section, "The Great Purpose of Prayer," David Mathis said that prayer is not finally about getting things from God, but getting God.

a.) Why is getting God the great purpose of prayer?

b.) Which phrase(s) best describe your prayer life? My prayers mostly consist of:

asking for things / confession and repentance / talking with God / adoring God / enjoying his presence

3. There may have been times when you found praying difficult - perhaps that is true even now. Reflect on your prayerless times. What are the internal heart reasons that keep you from prayer? What are the lies you believe when you don't pray? What are the truths you ignore when you don't pray?

4. Which phrase best describes your satisfaction with your current prayer life?

I am totally satisfied / mostly satisfied / somewhat satisfied / not satisified

5. Draw two columns. Title the left column "Ways My Prayer Life Is Lacking." Title the right column "Strengths to Build On." Add your own "lacks" and "strengths" to the appropriate columns.


Chapter 8

1. Describe or draw your current or possible go-to spot for regular private prayer.

2. List one or two new habits you want to cultivate to enrich your private prayer time - or, if your private prayer time needs a full overhaul, write a new Private Prayer Plan.

3. Consider the content of your private prayers in view of ACTS. Which statement best describes your prayers:

a.) My prayers are generally a balance of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.

b.) My prayers generally default to supplication.

4. Many Christians are prone to downplay the use of the physical body in prayer, since its value in this life is relativized by the unseen and invisible (1 Tim. 4:8). However, what you do with your body often has profound effect on your soul and the state and health of your inner life. Consider the posture of your body and the use of your voice in prayer.

a.) What actions best describe your prayer time?

kneel / stand / sit down / lay face down / lay face up / pray silently in my head / pray audibly in a whisper or normal volume / pray in written or typed words

b.) Explain what your posture communicates about prayer.


*Study questions are taken from David Mathis, Habits of Grace Study Guide (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 2016).

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