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Habits of Grace -- Week 3 Study Questions

Habits of Grace -- Week 3 Study Questions

The publishing team of one was a bit slow the past week in posting the study questions for the Week 3 reading of Chapters 5 and 6. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Chapter 5

1. The introductory paragraphs in chapter 5 advocate a "change in perspective" when it comes to Scripture memorization. Refer to the section "Mold Your Mind for Today." Describe or illustrate this change in perspective.

2. David Mathis talks in chapter 5 about the interaction and relationship between memorization and Bible meditation. List some ways that these two disciplines work together to make for richer and more meaningful Bible memory.

3. List one or two of the five tips for Bible memory you think will be, or have found to be, most helpful.

4. Reread the section under "Take It with You during the Day." Look carefully through the two lists of gospel verses and passages. Pick two or three you don't know by heart. Develop a plan for learning these. Add your own gospel verse or passage to your list.

Chapter 6

1. Choose the underlined words that best describe how you feel when you hear that ongoing health in the Christian life is inextricably linked to ongoing learning. Complete the statements:

a.) I feel afraid/excited because....

b.) My feel fear/excitement may result in pitfalls such as....

2. You may be surprised to know how much ongoing learning is already happening in your life and the variety of it. Draw three columns on a piece of paper. In the left column, list the kinds of ongoing learning that you are already involved in. In the middle column, note the context in which this learning takes place (formal classroom learning, on-the-job learning, personal interest learning, one-on-one, etc.), and in the remaining column list the type of media that delivers the learning (traditional teachers, podcasts, books, online classes or articles, personal conversation, etc.).

3. Review your current schedule and patterns. Identify times that could be redeemed for learning in your regular rhythm and flow of life. Identify mindless moments that could be taken captive for growth. Describe or illustrate what you discovered.

4. Review your use of social media in light of lifelong learning. Identify who or what fills your feed. Identify the amount of mindless entertainment that distracts you. List steps you could make to take advantage of new and different kinds of media for the purposes of lifelong learning and your advancement in the faith.


* Study questions taken from David Mathis, Habits of Grace Study Guide (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 2016).

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