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WIDE AWAKE: Encountering the God who IS

"Arise, O sleeper,
     and arise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you."
- Ephesians 5:14

The all-too-common tendency in our lives is to drift toward a type of spiritual apathy; a lethargy that ends up leaving us  joyless, feeling distant from God, and disconnected from real, vibrant life in Jesus. The flurry of activity in our lives only distracts us from actually recognizing our condition.

What's the cure for this spiritual sluggishness? Psalm 73 tells us. It's only when we "enter the sanctuary" (Ps. 73:17) and behold God that we snap out of our spiritual funk. It's only when we see the beauty and majesty and glory of God's character made known to us in Christ that our eyes start to move off of ourselves and we see things as they actually are. Everything comes into perspective.

This fall we're spending 10 weeks walking through the Old Testament, encountering the beauty of God through his saving self-revelation in the lives of individuals. As we see God's character meet sinners, doubters, rebels, sufferers and worshipers we'll ultimately see how this same God meets us in Jesus.

May God makes us together more Wide Awake to him than we've ever been.

Join us from September 16th - November 25.