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The Gospel of Matthew

Matthew explores the beautiful, compelling, and diverse portrait of who Jesus is.

Matthew shows us that Jesus is the fulfillment of all that the Old Testament anticipated - he's the Messiah, the King, the Son of God. Through Matthew we learn that if we believe in Jesus, it changes everything.  It changes how we think about who we are, and what we're here for. Jesus calls us to enjoy the blessings of his kingdom, live out his values, pursue his mission, and bring his blessing to the nations.

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Gospel of Matthew
Part 1 of 2
Gospel of Matthew
Part 2 of 2
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The True Son
October 10th, 2019
As Matthew proclaims the truths about Jesus’ life and ministry to his readers, he goes out of his way to hold Jesus up as a sort of “New Israel”....
Leaving Jerusalem
October 2nd, 2019
John the Baptist is one of the great – and perhaps one of the most mysterious – characters of the New Testament. We see him only in glimpses in the four Gospels; preaching in the wilderness outside of Jerusalem, dressed in strange clothes, baptizing the people of Israel (including Jesus, as we will address in the next post), and eventually suffering imprisonment and execution under King Herod....
Jesus and the Old Testament
September 24th, 2019
I want to walk through these eleven verses in Matthew 2:13-23 and point to three specific ways (though there are several others even in this short section) that Matthew uses the Old Testament to make his point....
The Magi: From East to West
September 23rd, 2019
The story of the “wise men” in the book of Matthew is certainly among the most famous and iconic of all Christmas stories. There is one important question about this story that only rarely gets asked: Why is this story here in the first place?...
A Rag-Tag History
September 16th, 2019
If we are at all familiar with the stories in the Old Testament, we will see many familiar names when we read through the first chapter of Matthew. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Solomon, to name a few. Because we know those stories, it’s easy to forget what Matthew is trying to tell us....