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ADVENT: The Arrival of the King

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

So sings Andy Williams in one of the classic tunes of Christmas. However, for many of us the Christmas season has lost part of the lyric of that song. Christmas is the most “full” time of the year, but it no longer has any "wonder." Over time, through the steady drip of activity and familiarity, Christmas has remained full, but lost its wonder. 

Often, we get so consumed with shopping through our Christmas lists, going to Christmas parties, and connecting with friends and family that we get to Christmas and realize we haven’t spend any time simply letting our hearts rest. We haven’t thought at all about the wonder of Christmas: God came down in the person of Jesus. We haven’t thought at all about the radical, history altering reality that the King of all Creation was born in weakness and humility in a manger.

But it's slowing down, pondering, and resting that Advent is about. Advent presents us with the time and space to look back in wonder at Jesus’ first coming, and look ahead with longing for his return.